Wild Coast Forum 3 – 5 May 2019

A warm welcoming from the school choir

On the weekend of the 3rd – 5th of May, we attended a Wild Coast forum for NPOs that was held by our partners at Bulungula Incubator. The weekend was packed with useful information, 12 NPOs around the wild coast attended. On the first day we were treated with some goodies bag with locally produces pickled veggies, some drumming and music.

The scenery walk to the venue

The second day began with a 7 km scenery walk from the accommodation to the venue. ”Are you living or just existing, may death find you alive’’ we opened the program with those words from the local high school teacher Noma-khawuta who was doing motivational talk.

Then we were invited to share what we wish funders knew, we all got into groups and discussed our frustrations. This was such an eye opening discussion, some of the frustrations were solved within the groups. What stood out for me specifically was to know that the challenges I go through, other people went through them too and when they were starting and they are willing to help wherever they can. As much as we did not know each other when we got there we had one thing in common, and its the fact that we work to improve the lives of others and that is all that matters.

Wild Coast NPO’s get together

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