High School Scholarship

’Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela This year in our High School Scholarship Program we have a group of six young dynamic women.

They come from different villages around Coffee Bay, they have different personalities, dreams and aspirations. But one thing they have in common is the faith they have in education and trusting us to provide that for them.

When our six girls got to our High School Scholarship Program, they didn’t know each other but today they have formed a very strong sisterhood ad are so protective of each other. The new ones rely on the older girls to help them navigate life in boarding school. We cannot wait to hear their stories when they come back for the end of first quarter.

Tertiary Support

On our tertiary program, our two girls who graduated with South African Collage of Tourism (SACT), we have partnered with Ms Kerryn of SACT to find placement for them close to their homes, they are now both on a 1 year Internship Sisakazi is at Hole in the wall Hotel and Mesie at Bulungula Lodge.

 I caught up with one of our graduates (Sisakazi) earlier this week to check how she is doing this is what she had to say “I am enjoying my work this is something I have always been dreaming of. If it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have been where I am today’’.

Sisakazi is a 26 year old single mother, she passed her matric in 2013 but couldn’t go any further with her studies because of her family financial strains because she got the opportunity to study at SACT she was a casual cleaner for 5 years. Sisakazi can now with the knowledge she got at SACT she has a better chance at getting a decent job and change her family situation.

We have two new students who have just started their course at SACT. We will hear about how they are doing at the end of the semester.