The work we do is divided into three areas and each one opens up opportunities that are historically difficult to access by the community. The projects help overcome barriers that otherwise hamper development and are a source of inspiration by creating role models.

Early Childhood Development

We help 0-6 year olds start learning, give them regular health checks and teach the parents the importance of education.

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Projects include the award-winning Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori Early Learning Centre, Parent Education Workshops and the Wellness Wagon.

Education and Youth Development

We support youths to complete high school and pursue further education by offering (help applying for) bursaries for college and university.

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Projects include our High School Scholarship Fund, Tertiary Education Assistance Fund and Local Schools Support Fund.

Rural Assistance

We help people access information and navigate the bureaucracy related to realising their human rights.

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Projects include Ex-mineworkers Assistance and the successfully concluded ‘Marhenene Boys’.

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