The long-term goal of our work is to strengthen the community enough to make our organisation unnecessary. Knowing the complications of local life, we are well-aware that this will take time. We do, however, firmly believe that the community can be self-sufficient and flourish. And since you can never dream too big or too high, even that Coffee Bay can serve as an example of excellence for other rural communities in South Africa and further afield in other developing countries.

“Even the quality of the provision of basic goods and services, especially education and healthcare, remains skewed. The schools where the majority of black South Africans go remain under-resourced as they cater for ever-growing numbers of learners.

“Inequalities are also evident in our health system, where resources are concentrated in the private sector which caters for less than 20% of the population.”

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Marhenene Boys

We supported three young orphaned brothers (after Coffee Shack initiated this) to go to school, learn life skills and receive the government help they were due. They became competitive surfers and are now able to take care of themselves as young men.

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