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We are a small organisation operating in a rural area. Therefore we welcome support from outside the community, especially in skills or expertise that are hard to come by locally. If you want to get involved, do get in touch to explore opportunities.

Examples of past voluntary work include:

  • Professional photos or videos, for us to improve our website and other promotional materials;
  • Building a new website;
  • Facilitating a computer programming workshop for local children;
  • Sharing expertise on Montessori education with the teachers at ILM;
  • Setting up the ILM vegetable garden and teaching our gardener to maintain it.

Additionally, if you plan to visit Coffee Bay, stationary items are always put to good use at our pre-school or office. Please ask us what to bring if you have space left in your backpack or suitcase!

Of course we can only do our work and increase the projects’ reach and impact with financial backing. We have a number of long-term supporters whose help goes a long way to us reaching our goals. Even with those, our budget is spread thin. To help us continue our work and improve the lives of the people of the Coffee Bay area, please consider supporting us financially.

Thank you, on behalf of the team and our community.