Our work supports local youth to complete quality education, setting them up for a successful career and the ability to provide for themselves and their families. The approach helps create role models for the other youth of Coffee Bay and highlights the importance of education.

What we do

Our work includes:

  • Supporting current and former students with university/job applications;
  • Ensuring children are registered socially and are healthy;
  • Motivating for drivers’ licenses to increase employability;
  • Providing work experience opportunities.

We are able to offer high quality educational tracks by partnering with St. John’s College for our high school scholarship programme, and with the South African College of Tourism and Tracker Academy for bursaries targeting further studies.

Additionally, we have built up good relationships with a number of local Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) by supporting them through infrastructure projects such as fundraising for chairs and desks, burglar bars and classrooms.

Some numbers regarding our EYD projects over the years:

  • 45 students accepted onto our High School Scholarship programme;
  • 32 adult students accepted to study at SACT and Tracker Academy.


  • Less than 10% of students complete high school in our area
  • Unemployment rates sit easily over 75%

Source: Wazi Maps

By motivating and supporting students to complete their formal schooling, we see many choose to either continue their education further or are successful in finding employment. This inspires others in the community and leads to students becoming active members of society who able to better care for themselves and their families.

Project links

High School Scholarship Fund

For many local families, sending their children to the nearest academic school (80km away) is too expensive. We enable kids to complete high-quality education, resulting in more opportunities to be educated further or employed.

Tertiary Education Assistance Fund

Students receive support to access higher education through scholarships and bursaries. We currently partner with the South African College of Tourism and the South African Tracker Academy.

Local Schools Support Fund

Some schools in our area need help with infrastructure including classrooms, fencing and computers ensuring local children can study in an appropriate and engaging environment. We also try to develop opportunities where possible through partnering with other organisations. To date we have been able to offer once-off career guidance talks and computer coding workshops.

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