Tales from our high school programme

Lastborn outside his house

Sustainable Coffee Bay’s High School Scholarship Programme was the brain child of Coffee Shack Backpackers. In 2011, Sustainable Coffee Bay was registered as the non-profit organisation that took over Coffee Shack’s Community Projects. To this day, we maintain a close relationship with our original founders and discovered these wonderful stories in our archives, so please enjoy our short quarterly student tales…

Lastborn – Sponsored by Franziska and Christo (2013 – 2015)

Lastborn is one of 8 siblings from the most remote area in Coffee Bay, both his parents are unemployed his family grows and sell vegetables for a living. He attended school at St Johns High School. On his first year of high school Lastborn struggled a little bit with adjusting which is expected coming from rural area where you know everyone around you, staying at home with your family to a big city where you hardly know anyone.Academically, Mathematics and Physical Sciences were giving him problems, he had to attend extra classes, which worked because at the end of the year he passed and got a 54% aggregate.

As the years went by we saw him gaining confidence and this showed in his studies, his results got better that at the end of his second he got 63% and matriculated with very good results in 2015. After matric he got accepted at Walter Sisulu University for Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting.

This year he took a break from his studies, he joined Sustainable Coffee Bay offices in June as a Project Assistant just for this year, he is  planning to go back to do his final year in 2021.

The Student Series

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