Services that are quite ordinary in urban areas are often riddled with obstacles, making it difficult to gain access. By maintaining good working relations with the appropriate institutions, we help the Coffee Bay community to navigate the bureaucracy.

The broader aim of our work in this area is to engage the community to know and stand up for their rights and overcome the difficulties of living in a remote and underdeveloped area.

What we do

Some numbers for our projects in Rural Assistance over the years:

  • 90 community members were supported and received miners pension funds
  • Over 250 enquiries regarding miners pension funds
  • 72 community members assisted in varying ways (job, university, bursary applications, copies of IDs/certificates etc.)


Accessing basic services in a rural area can be surprisingly challenging, with little on no services in our area. Community members have come to us over the years for assistance with typing CVs, emailing job applications, accessing their pension funds and more. We aim to bridge the information gap faced by many rural communities.

Project links

Ex-mineworkers Assistance

Many young men now and in the past have left the area to work in mines elsewhere in the country, as there are few employment options locally. We assist former mine workers to access to their hard earned pensions and get more funds into the region.

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