Sustainable Coffee Bay is a registered non-profit and public benefit organisation. We work with the communities of the greater Coffee Bay area to improve their lives through education and other community initiatives.

Since 2002, projects were run informally by Coffee Shack Backpackers. They were managed by Coffee Shack staff and funded by Coffee Shack and its guests. As the projects grew in number and size, Sustainable Coffee Bay (SCB) was formed in 2011 to manage the community projects and raise the necessary funds. Nowadays, our work is divided into three focus areas: Early Childhood Development, Education and Youth Development, and Rural Assistance.

It is our mission to increase access to, and quality of education, skills and employment by working with our community on projects that create higher expectations and improve lives. We strive to inspire others by being role models of excellence.

Three values have guided us in our mission from the start:

  • Openness
    • To us this means being open to, and respectful of, the traditional Xhosa culture that we work in, while being open and honest about our operations.
  • Optimism
    • We have a can-do attitude, overcoming barriers to make projects successful that in turn help the Coffee Bay community overcome obstacles. By creating examples of excellence in our rural community we show that it is possible.
  • Ubuntu
    • Only by coming together can we thrive. This sensitivity for our community’s needs guides our projects as well as how we treat our supporters.

Our achievements so far:

  • Children leaving our pre-school are well ahead of their peers in maths and literacy, as well as fine motor skills. Many have gone on to win prizes at the local JSS.
  • Over 45 children matriculated from high school, thanks to our high school fund. The majority of them are either studying or employed. Our partnership with other education providers has resulted in over 32 students receiving training, 98% are still employed.
  • We have supported hundreds of former mine workers and their families access funds that are rightfully theirs, releasing nearly R5 million into the community. This has improved health standards and overcome barriers to accessing government services and makes it possible to live in dignity with safe and dry homes and enough food on the table for the whole family.

Our programmes vary from pre-school, to pensioner and youth in between. So on a broader level we hope to see the following outcomes:

  • Inspired youth
  • Realisation of Human Rights
  • Higher expectations
  • Improved lives
  • Increased opportunities


Our board comprises of six elected officials:

BSc Statistics, Business Owner & Founding Director of SCB.

David started Coffee Shack in 2000, as one of the founding partners, and a 24% shareholder in Coffee Shack Backpackers (the Tshezi Community Trust has a 30% shareholding) in Coffee Bay. David and his team have helped change the face of the Coffee Bay community through employment, creating opportunities, patience and hard work. As Chairman of Sustainable Coffee Bay, he brings valuable insights into daily operations and supports the Projects Manager to achieve the organisation’s goals.
Founding Director of SCB & Founding pre-school Principal.

The only way to explain Dawn is as a one woman phenomenon and the founding heart of Sustainable Coffee Bay. Involved with Coffee Bay and the community now for over 10 years, she continues to change people’s lives through her understanding, strength and compassion. In 2014, Dawn won National ECD Practioner of the Year, and our pre-school, Ikhaya Labantwana won National ECD Centre of the Year under her watch. Dawn provides valuable guidance and operational support to the organisation.
BA Business Hospitality &  Business Manager.

Belinda settled in Coffee Bay in 2001 and operates Coffee Shack Backpackers, as well as being a founding member of Sustainable Coffee Bay. Her years of experience combined with epic levels of energy are a great asset to Sustainable Coffee Bay, and if you need support this is where you go first!
Teacher & Business owner.

Nomonde has been living in the Coffee Bay area her whole life. She was the Kitchen Manager and Chef at Coffee Shack Backpackers for 5 years and then became part-owner at Papazela’s Pizza in Coffee Bay. In 2015 she qualified as a Montessori teacher through Sustainable Coffee Bay. As well as continuing to operate her business, Nomonde works full time at Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori. Nomonde has a basket full of skills from cooking, sewing, crocheting, knitting to braiding hair. She’s a very progressive woman and a dynamic link with the local community.
Surf Coach & Maintenance.

Neil has been living in Coffee Bay for over 10 years. His main role is the surf instructor at Coffee Shack Backpackers, so he spends a large amount of time in the ocean and at the beach and feels strongly about protecting the environment. Neil provides his maintenance skills to our pre-school ensuring the safety of our children, and keen to be more involved, is currently training to undertake the full responsibilities of Treasurer for Sustainable Coffee Bay.
Business owner.

Noncokazi worked at Coffee Shack Backpackers since they opened in 2000. She is the mother of 5 children and the breadwinner in her family. She is a respected community member and also sits on the Parent Governing Board of one of the local junior schools. Her nickname “Inthaka” (bird) was affectionately given to her, as she very seldom works without singing. In 2011 Noncokazi was supported to open her own business and now operates a successful laundry business within the grounds of Coffee Shack Backpackers. She also operates long term rental accommodation on her homestead. Noncokazi offers valuable insights into cultural affairs and guides our community approach.
Tribal Authority Leader

As a respected elder and leader in his community, Albert brings insight and cultural guidance to our work.

Registration details

Non-Profit Organisation number (NPO): 090-432-NPO
Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) number: 930 040 239