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Ikhaya Labantwana: the Story of a Rural Montessori Pre-school

Early Childhood Development

The purpose of our Early Childhood Development is to offer an integrated approach covering the first 6 years of life with nutritional support, support for primary caregivers, social services and stimulation for early learning education. We manage and operate a

Education & Youth Development

Our work supports local youth to complete quality education, setting them up for a successful career and the ability to provide for themselves and their families. The approach helps create role models for the other youth of Coffee Bay and

Rural Assistance

Services that are quite ordinary in urban areas are often riddled with obstacles, making it difficult to gain access. By maintaining good working relations with the appropriate institutions, we help the Coffee Bay community to navigate the bureaucracy. The broader

Support Sustainable Coffee Bay

We rely on others to help us deliver the support our community needs. There are several ways you can help us, the most direct one:

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