Thandlile giving his Matric speech

In South Africa the final year of high school is commonly known as Matric (matriculation). There is a popular event that every senior learner is always looking forward to and it’s called matric dance. This is one night that concludes your whole 12 years of studying. It’s such an exciting night for them as they get to dress up and walk the red carpet, and a proud moment for the parents as they see their children all grown and beautiful.

Our own Thandile is amoungst those matriculating this year. In the beginning of this term they had their matric dance, we were so happy for him and proud of the confident boy he’s grown up to be. He was so excited but at the same time scared he was giving a speech on behalf of fellow matric students. He is now busy with his mid-year examinations and very determined to work hard and get good results so he can be able to secure a space in a University. We wish him and all our students best of luck for their examinations.

Put your dancing shoes on

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