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Tales from our high school programme

Sustainable Coffee Bay’s High School Scholarship Programme was the brain child of Coffee Shack Backpackers. In 2011, Sustainable Coffee Bay was registered as the non-profit organisation that took over Coffee Shack’s Community Projects. To this day, we maintain a close relationship with our original founders and discovered these wonderful stories in our archives, so please enjoy our quarterly student tales.

 Nompumelelo– sponsored by Coffee Shack (2005 – 2007)

Nompumelelo attended school at Dudumayo Senior Secondary School. She was living with a family to whom a monthly boarding fee gets paid. Her meals were taken care of and she was in a safe environment with supervision.

 Nompumelelo is quite an achiever and a delight. For her first year (2005) her mid-term results were not impressive (as were most students).  She did quite well in her 2005 year end results and finished with a passing grade. During her 2nd year on the program, she attained a 47.6% aggregate in the year-end exams. In 2007 Nompumelelo wrote her final exams and matriculated. After matriculating she tried to get an entrance in University for tourism but sadly she didn’t get it.

She then secured a Tourism bursary for herself at the South African College of Tourism through Coffee Shack, and graduated in the year 2010. She got a job at Coffee Shack as a bar lady and worked her way up, and scored herself a promotion and is now working at Coffee Shack reception. Say hello to her in the reception when you come to Coffee Shack.

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