Wow, finally we are all set to go and get this blog on the road. Can I start by saying a huge thank you for your support, faith and most definitely your patience. We have finally worked this computer jargon out with a little help from our friends (Sadia and Jacques from Alternative Route) and are now on hand to bring you the happenings and jubilations of Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori straight into your homes or offices around the world. Hurray! That is of course when we are not half way up cardiac hill squashed by an upside down holey wheelbarrow in a pool of red gloss paint or putting in security bars (thank you Sam and Phil) or getting distracted by the gorgeous little ones who anticipate with smiles the big opening of their new school. But I am happy to confirm, ‘Coffee Bay Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori Early Learning Centre’ (Bit of a mouthful but we like it!) is nearly here!!!!!!!
Which brings me to the point of, when is the big day?  As with all our projects, respect for the local culture is crucial, and after chatting to peeps in the community a whole enrolment process for the children was worked out, delaying us ever so slightly. But this week we have had two successful community meetings with the headman and everyone is happy and excited with the proposel. “Whoopie” I hear you say. Indeed, and 15th February will see our red and pink stripy door open for our first 13 children. Dawn has been as busy as ever and has put the enrolment posters up and we will be doing a lucky draw on Monday 8th to establish which of the lucky children will be starting the week later.

So once again thank you for your continuing support, and interest and we look forward to sharing in our growth and experiences over the next days, weeks and months. Bye for now and big smiles…Kate


Community meetings and opening greetings
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