Wow very hot here in Coffee Bay, which only means that our varnished shelving and painted rondavel is drying nice and quickly. Dawn is busy at the school now, finally emptying her Montessori boxes and furnishing the classroom ready for Monday morning.  The outside will be finished too in a magical whirlwind of flowers and butterflies and we are making an immediate plan regarding what to sit on. Still waiting for chairs and tables from Mthatha to be delivered to us, but at least 4 little bums will fit on the luminous green bean bag (Thank you Ryno). The rest can juggle the 12 beautiful cushions donated to us, amongst other goodies, by the kind Nuttal family in Durban.  I cannot wait to bring you all the photographs of the childrens faces on Monday.  The first day of school, we feel, has been a long time coming but this little colourful beacon. watching over Coffee Bay, is going to be the start of something worth waiting for. Of course with a little help from our friends!

We are having a little opening day on Saturday 13th for the children and their families to come and have a nosey, and I have few volunteers that are quite eager to get the facepaint and games out, so I beleive it’s going to be a colourful and smiley day for all. I’ll be back with the evidence X

Cheers and smiles for now… Kate x

Flowers and furnishings. Getting ready for Monday morning

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