We have a long and lovely history with our local Pato Junior Secondary School (JSS) that was the beginning of the Local Schools Support Fund. You really need to check our Part 1 of this story!

This is an URGENT appeal for funds for one of our original projects so that children can study in a safe and appropriate learning environment – something many of us take for granted!

Ceiling exposed with hanging wires :(
Ceiling exposed with hanging wires 🙁

We have been approached again for help by Pato JSS as four of their classrooms are in a dangerous state of disrepair. Budget cutbacks and a lack of maintenance have resulted in these classroom ceilings falling down, light fittings hanging precariously, loose wiring and holes in the wall (that are sadly nothing like our own glorious attraction of Hole in the Wall!). They also need a more permanent home for their Grade R class as well as a safe and hygienic place to store the school’s food supplies, such as a shipping container.

Unsafe learning environment
Unsafe learning environment

Pato School Wish List

Shipping container to safely and hygienically store food items

A pre-fab classroom for the Grade R kids (ages 5-6 years)

Pre-fab classrooms or repair of current classroom panels

We would love to hear from anyone that could put us in touch with organisations we could tap into for help with materials/equipment/building, or individuals who can help us with either funds or materials. Please email us for more details, we looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

PART 2: “Are YOU sitting comfortably? Because the kids at our local school aren’t”
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