The latest piece of Transkei magic to happen in Coffee Bay was the Coffee Shack 10th Birthday Community Party  – held at Coffee Bay JSS on Friday the 5th. The party was held in celebration of Coffee Shack’s 10th Birthday. There was an impressive turn out of  nearly 1000 locals from surrounding villages together with staff and guests of Coffee Shack.

10 years of Coffee Shack and the community
The men

The day kicked off with the sacrifice of two fine cows and two large plump sheep generously provided by Dave for all to enjoy. It was all hands on deck in preparing for the celebrations with the men meticulously tending to the meat while the women chatted over their bubbling pots of local delights. The place was a hive of activity with the excitement spilling over into the classrooms and prominent members of the community slowly congregating for the days events.

10 years of Coffee Shack and the community
Party guests

Speeches started at around twelve with tributes made to a blushing Dave. Speeches were interspersed with traditional dance performances by the The Vanana, Masilunge and Pakamisa groups respectively. This was followed by entertaining and well received closing words from Jongikaya, an elder in the village. Refreshments were then served to the eager crowd with the help from the school children and festivities continued into the evening fuelled by lashings of umqomboti.

10 years of Coffee Shack and the community
Vanana Group
10 years of Coffee Shack and the community
Dave Malherbe and Inkosinati Mvunge

Thanks to everyone who made it such a special and unforgettable day!

10 years of Coffee Shack and the community
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  • 13th March 2010 at 3:03 pm

    Lovely to see some really special community involvement 🙂


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