Guest blog by Sanelise, our new Projects Assistant

In collaboration with the Bulungula Incubator, Sanelise attended a three day workshop at ILM facilitated by Bulungula’s Funeka and writes about her experiences for us here.

In our final term of 2018, we hosted our first ever Parent Governing Body (PGB) workshop. With the help of our facilitator Funeka Jija from Bulungula Incubator, the topic of the workshop at ILM was Roles and Responsibilities of the PGB Committee.

pgb workshopOur PGB members got to do group discussions on what they thought their roles and responsibilities were and presented them for other members. These were then discussed further, some points agreed on and some not so much.

They also got lessons on the importance of parental involvement in their child’s education and how they, as PGB can work hand in hand with the school to make sure that this happens. Although the members were reluctant to share at first, by the end of the day they walked out with a new mind set.

In the same spirit of parental involvement on the child’s education, Funeka also facilitated another workshop for our pre-school teachers. This was just to give them a few pointers and new ideas to facilitate a successful parent workshop.

A parent attending our workshop. She shared about the importance of being visible on the roads at night (there are no pavements or sidewalks here!).

The practitioners shared their challenges with Funeka. By the end of the session they were excited to facilitate another parent’s workshop which happened a week after the workshop. In addition, we are happy to learn that the teachers were very confident and did things differently which encouraged parent involvement and discussion. Happily the last workshop of the year was a great success!

Written by Sanelise Dasoyi, Projects Assistant


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