Spring has Sprung for Sustainable Coffee Bay…….

On the weekend of 23 August, it was the Annual White Clay Half-Marathon (2014 was the 14th year).  This event takes place along a very scenic route……… which is rather hilly too!   Participants may choose to run or walk. and the event starts at Ocean View Hotel – goes all along the coast (on goat trails) to Hole in the Wall and then all the way back on the road, to finish at White Clay…….21km later!

Sustainable Coffee Bay NPO was HUGELY lucky at this year’s White Clay 21km and this is all thanks to the amazing people at Harcourts Mthatha ๐Ÿ™‚

The Walkers
The Walkers

Harcourts Mthatha launched an exciting new initiative called Run4Rands, which is aimed at recognizing, empowering and enriching local communities by fundraising through running events – how cool!  Together with the Harcourts Foundation, they selected Sustainable Coffee bay as their chosen NPO for these fundraising events – How LUCKY!!  For the White Clay Half Marathon, Harcourts had 100 t shirts printed and these shirts were worn by all Harcourts participants – the Harcourts team!  The t-shirts were sold for R150 each and Sustainable Coffee Bay would receive all the t-shirt money ๐Ÿ™‚ Lovely!!

Harcourts also gave us sponsored space for 30 local guys/girls to enter and these spots were taken up by school children and youth.

The Runners
The Runners

At 3.30pm on the Saturday afternoon….. once everyone was back and slightly rested…..Harcourts had a prize giving in the campsite at Coffee Shack with free beers ๐Ÿ™‚  It was very well organized and most Harcourt team members received lucky draw prizes.   Thank you hugely to Kim, Devyn, Misha and Nella for all their hard work in getting all those sponsored prizes together and for creating a very fun afternoon for all!

Everyone's a winner!
Everyone’s a winner!

Then it was time to hand over ‘the cheque’ to Sustainable Coffee Bay.  Devyn requested that I say a few words about our projects, and after these words, Misha gave me the cheque……..I am not a mathematician, but my maths had indicated that if all went well, Sustainable Coffee Bay would be getting a cheque in the region of R15000.  When I saw the amount on the cheque……my jaw physically dropped open, as you can clearly see ….apologies for this, but the amazing people at Harcourts had raised a whopping R35000 for Sustainable Coffee Bay – What to say, but WOW!!!!! and THANK YOU!


We will keep you posted on projects and look forward to working with you again!

The Sustainable Coffee Bay Crew







What a Super Spring Surprise for SCB!

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