The High School Scholarship Programme has 5 children attending St Johns College in Mthatha for the 2014 school year.  There are 3 new grade 10 students,

Afika Mkabana – new Grade 10 St Johns Student


Nobuhle Kubekhile – new Grade 10 St Johns student


Mkhanyiseli Nomakhwange – new Grade 10 St Johns Student


The two boys in grade 11, Lastborn Stewu and Nkhosikhona Matshisi  are both doing very well.

Lastborn Stewu – Grade 11 St Johns student
Nkhosikhona Matshisi – Grade 11 St Johns Student

The children from the rural areas adjust really quickly to boarding life at St Johns College and they love the electricity and running water.  They also comment that it is wonderful to not have to do errands for older brothers/sisters/family members – they can dedicate alot of time to their studies and for this they are very grateful.

Wishing the students a positive academic year ahead.



St Johns College High School Scholarship students – 2014

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