This is a list of sponsors and donors to Sustainable Coffee Bay’s various community projects during 2005. Please feel free to click on the table headers to sort the list to suit your preference.

HUGE apologies for any errors or omissions. Do contact us with any requests…

Cheers and a big rural thank you to all of you who made our list!! You’re truly blessed!!!

First nameSurnameOrganisationYour linkProject
AlexRiceLocal Schools
Andrew & ColinLocal Schools
AnneSchellekensLocal Schools
Ansger & KarinLocal Schools
BeatriceThemLocal Schools
Becki & MarkLocal Schools
BenLocal Schools
Bob & JanisLocal Schools
CherylBlakeLocal Schools
Chris & YvonneLocal Schools
ChristianFrandsenLocal Schools
ChristineLocal Schools
Christine & JeremyJonkers & SchurchScholarship
Claudia & MarcoLocal Schools
ColinLocal Schools
ConanColeLocal Schools
CrawleyLocal Schools
DavidMudgeLocal Schools
David & JackiBellamyLocal Schools
ElisaZenckLocal Schools
Esther & SteveLocal Schools
Fiona & AchanLocal Schools
FridoLocal Schools
Geli & RolfLocal Schools
Gesa, Bianca, Kerrin, NicoleLocal Schools
GlennLocal Schools
GregoryLocal Schools
HannahDaviesLocal Schools
HannoChristLocal Schools
HeikeFisselerLocal Schools
Holger & FranziLocal Schools
IrisBeekhuisLocal Schools
JimLocal Schools
JochenBohneLocal Schools
JochenLocal Schools
John & GayleLocal Schools
JojoLocal Schools
JorisSmitLocal Schools
JuliaReayLocal Schools
LauraLocal Schools
LaurensLocal Schools
LivHolmstromLocal Schools
Luis & JonLocal Schools
MatthewBradyLocal Schools
MatthiasLocal Schools
MichaelMauserLocal Schools
Michael & AnjaLocal Schools
PatrickWalterLocal Schools
RemonLocal Schools
RoslieLocal Schools
ShaggyGardenerLocal Schools
SpenceLocal Schools
SusanHawesLocal Schools
SveaJosephyLocal Schools
TobyHayesLocal Schools
Tracey & JamieLocal Schools
TracyGallacherLocal Schools
TwiggyBakerLocal Schools
VenetiaLangLocal Schools
VeronikaLocal Schools
VincentMonnieLocal Schools
2006 to current is on it’s way. Don’t despair….

Sponsors and Donations – 2005

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