This project started in 2010 when I started helping a few guys in Coffee Bay with applying for their provident funds from Anglo Platinum Mines, where many of the local men worked.  Word started getting out and more and more community members came to see me for assistance.  By the end of 2011, there would be a gathering of people waiting for me on my way down from school.

Fanekhaya Lili joined us in 2012 and took over this project.  He advised the Chief’s council of what his new job was, so that word could be spread through the villages.  That was all it took, as overnight, Fanekhaya had created a full-time job for himself.

A good percentage of community members now receive their funds and this is a great boost for the area.  With the majority of the applicants being illiterate, there is a fair amount of admin to be done and bank accounts to be opened. This project has grown beyond all expectation and Sanlam will be coming down to do a Money Investment              Presentation in September 2012.  Fridays are proving to be the most popular day, with SCB assisting between 60 – 80 community members.

Ex-mine workers assistance

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