Fanekhaya filled out 8 bursaries and we posted them off.  He had a serious chat with his brother and his brother agreed to help him with money for his registration at WSU.  There is an ex-Coffee Shack guest, Kim, who is fundraising for him in Europe. Fanekhaya left for WSU in Butterworth on Tuesday 09 February 2010.  We had 4 meetings in the past 2 months, and Fanekhaya is going to work really hard this semester, so that he can get a NSFAS (government loan) for his next semester.  His fees of R5500 have to be paid by April, so that he can write his exams, and he does not yet know what text books he will require.  Between Kim in Europe and the Sustainable Coffee Bay NPO, we will get his fees money together for him and in exchange for this, he will tutor our scholars from St Johns College with Maths and Science lessons in the July holidays.

He is sharing a rondawel with a friend in Butterworth (R150 per month) and he has gone there with a few plates and mugs.  I asked him what his “needs” are for his home and this is the list he gave me:  a 2-burner stove (hot plate), an electric iron, 2 pots, 1 washing basin, 1 broom.  He managed to purchase his own stationary.

A question was raised with me yesterday, “why did Fanekhaya not work after he left university in 2007 and save money?”  The answer to this is that we live in a rural area, with an unemployment rate of 65.5% – 71.5% (Dept of Social Development).  Fanekhaya did not have the funds to relocate to a big city (rental, furniture etc) and when there was any work available in our area that he heard about, he applied for it, and got it (as with Teba Development and Hole-in-the-Wall Hotel).  He lives about 20km away from Coffee Bay, and most local businesses only advertise local vacancies in the Coffee Bay area.  Transport is expensive everywhere, and for him to come to Coffee Bay is a R20.00 return trip and R20.00 has quite a high value in our area.  I hope this answers your question.

Fanekhaya Lili update – December 2009 to 20 February 2010

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  • 8th March 2010 at 2:30 pm

    Hi everyone, Its me again , Fanekhaya ,according to my studies there is nothing much to say, I just wrote an assignment but no scripts so far. What I can say is that everything is promising.


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